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About Striking

ContractStyle Design

STYLE & DESIGN rappresented by Mr. Massimo Cannone e Massimiliano Vannini, is a company that is growing more and more evry day, working from several years in the interior decoration area and in the realization of complementary works in business premises, being also qualified in hotel and residential areas.

Turnkey solutions, not only for interior furniture, but for all other complementary works as well.

Having a helpful, creative and qualified staff, we are able to offer all our experience to our clients as to facilitate all phases of planning and execution of thier projects.

How we WorkContract Style Design

Premise inspections are vital to visualise and live spaces, take pictures and creating an accurate surveiling accurata is the first step towards the creation of the project.

This process is very useful to analyse our client's necessities, to understand problems and come up with the best solutions in order to exemplify the work both in terms of timing and of money.

Ci avvaliamo di partner di livello internazionale per complementi e rivestimenti per interno ed esterno, sanitari in ceramica, pavimenti in legno, pareti con piante stabilizzati, piscine, rivestimenti di tendaggi di pregio, illuminotecnica.

The merging of all preliminary activities realised, bringing to the realization of the real life project, brings to life the idea of business.

Our qualified and helpful staff offers all its year long experience to clients and to partner enterprises to facilitate all project preparation phases both during and following its effective realization.