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Our servicesContract Style Design

planning and accomplishing personalised furnitures for companies, hotels, restaurants, wellness and SPA, boutiques and interior furnitures for residential housings.

Starting from the planning phase, we create the right living or working setting, combining functionality with aesthetiques, we follow all production phases, from the render's creation to the final and ultimate product.

Plus, as we deal with international level partners, we are able to provide complements like interior or exterior coatings, ceramical sanitary ware, wooden floors, walls with stabilizing plants, pools, coatings with high quality curtaining, lightings.

We Collaborate with financial partners who ease purchases with financings and leasings tailored upon your personal necessities.

Having established ourselves in many different areas and being available on both national and international territory, we have accomplished throughout time the aesthimate of the insiders and trusteship from very well known enterprices who work in many different furnituring areas.

I nostri lavori

  • Demolitions, removals, garbage transportations and building works
  • We produce fire prevention systems, air-conditioning and hygenic sanitary
  • We produce electrical systems, anti-intrusion, IAN network surveillance cameras
  • Furnitures of installations for big and professional restaurant kitchens
  • Furnitures and posing of floors and coatings, advertising spaces, illuminated bodies
  • Realization of drywall works
  • Furnitures and posing of wooden works, windowframes and automations
  • Realizations of wrought iron and alluminium works
  • Painting works and drapery
  • Fornitures of ceramic sanitary with exclusive licences
  • Internal and external coatings in marbles from all around the world
  • Furnitures of computer equipments